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Getting Started

Here's an overview of what I need and a process overview to help guide you along before we begin!

What I need to get started

Your Logo

High res SVG, JPEG or PNG files, if possible.

Hosting and Domain Credentials

Your hosting and domain providers account login.

Wordpress Login

An administrator login to your current WordPress site (if this is a redesign and you need me to collect content from your current site).

Images & Pictures

Current and/or new images and pictures you’d like to use on the new site.



Page content and any updated information for the site.

Style Guide

Brand style guide, colors or any specific design requirements.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a great online image/file sharing platform. I will set up a folder for the project and will share the folder with you via email. You can upload all images and files there.

The Design Process

Designing a website, no matter how big or small, is an extensive process that can be overwhelming. To better help you understand what to expect during the design and development, I’ve outlined my process into 6 steps:

1) Onboarding & Content Collection

Dive into a smooth start with your personalized welcome guide, detailing our journey. Whether you’re providing content or looking for me to craft it, my user-friendly tool ensures a seamless collection process.

2) Research

Let’s dig deep. I’ll delve into your industry, studying your local competitors, understanding industry norms, and discerning opportunities to shine brighter and stand taller.

3) Design & Development

Your website begins to take shape here. Starting with an engaging layout, I’ll position your content optimally, paving the way for the actual web development where your site comes alive.


4) Edits & Revisions

Your voice matters. With two comprehensive rounds of revisions, I’ll ensure every pixel and paragraph aligns with your vision and speaks your brand’s language.

5) Website Launch

After meticulous testing and ensuring mobile-responsiveness, the big moment arrives. Your website goes live on the chosen hosting server, with its domain pointing proudly to its new digital home.

6) Maintenance & Ongoing Support

As our journey continues, step into my tailored website care plan. From regular maintenance and security vigilance to content refreshes, I’m by your side, committed to fostering your business’s growth.

Ready to get growing?