Hourly Rate & Retainer Packages

Choose flexibility with our hourly rate or enjoy discounted savings through retainer packages. Crafted to match your project's unique demands.

Hourly Rate

For website care plan or website subscription clients – my houly rate is $75/hr, billed in 15 minute increments (minimum of 1 hour).

For all other clients – my hourly rate is currently $100/hr, billed in 15 minute increments (minimum of 1 hour).

Why are there two different rates?

Firstly, I like to reward my loyal clients for allowing me to service them on a regular basis.

Additionally, jumping into a site that has not been routinely updated, secured and maintained by me often leads to much more back-end work, even for fairly simple updates. It’s one of the main reasons I highly recommend joining my website care plan.

By trusting me to look after your site and keep it running smoothly month to month, I’m happy to offer a discounted rate on updates, revisions and additions.

While most projects are estimated at a fixed rate, I offer an hourly rate for things like quick website updates, one-off website functionality additions and virtual or tech support for current and past clients.

If you’re already a client, you know I work fast and always provide the most timely, efficient service. I get as many details as I can up front then provide an estimate of hours before moving forward.

If you’re curious, my rate is still on the lower end of the scale compared to other web agencies with my level of expertise and customer care. (Most professional freelancers and design teams are charging anywhere between $125-$250/hr)

I intentionally keep this rate as low as I can for clients to be able to afford our hourly services when needed.

Discounted Retainer Packages

For those smaller projects that span several hours, our retainer packages offer an ideal solution. Not only do you get the convenience of pre-booking hours, but you also enjoy substantial savings.

  • 5-Hour Pack: $475 (Save $25)
  • 10-Hour Pack: $900 (Save $100)
  • 20-Hour Pack: $1,700 (Save $300)

With these packages, you’re not rushed. You have an entire year to use your hours, giving you the flexibility to spread out updates or tasks as needed. Dive into the savings and convenience tailored just for you.